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H-50 HD

The Tensor H-50 HD Heavy Duty offers proven durability with a high web count capability

  • rated up to 50,000 pph
  • 1:2:2 jaw folder offers superior accuracy at high speed
  • easy changeover capability
  • web capacity up to fourteen webs, dependent on specific application

Cutoff: 20.87" through 27.6" (530mm through 700mm)

Web Widths: 20" through 40" (508mm through 1016mm)

  • Many repeat purchases of the original H-50 due to high customer satisfaction
  • Superb performance with all other brands of web presses, making the H-50 HD an excellent add-on to an existing press line
  • Heavy-duty folder can be utilized with either 1-around or 2-around printing units
  • Unique self-adjusting jaw allows effortless conversion from single web to multiple web jobs
  • True 64° conical design on the chrome-plated former board, with air
  • Two driven sets of oversized nipping rings plus provisions for a crosshead perforator are standard
  • Double parallel options allow greater product flexibility for specific market niches
  • Integral ribbon shifters, crosshead, workbook and notch-type spine perforators available
Quarter-Fold Options
  • Two quarter folder designs are available on the H-50 HD to accommodate both standard newspaper and demanding commercial heat-set folding applications
    • The standard quarter folder boasts high page count capabilities. available in many cutoff options, it can be fully retrofitted to any existing H-50 or H-50 HD folder
    • The enhanced quarter folder is specifically designed for high-speed commercial heat-set applications, catalog, directory, short-run books and inserts
    • A wide range of paper stocks, including the more difficult SCA and SCB lightweight stocks, are folded with advanced accuracy

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