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  • Speed up to 50,000 IPH (with unit shaftless drive)
  • Speed up to 46,000 IPH (with footprint shaftless drive)
  • Three ink form roller design
  • Robust construction - 35,000 lb (15,876 kilos) 4-high tower
  • Outstanding Print Quality

Cutoff: 21" through 24.8" (530mm through 630mm)

Web Widths (cut-off dependent): 36" through 40" (914mm through 1016mm)

Outstanding Print Quality

  • Three ink form rollers with three ink vibrators for high coverage inking capability
    • Engineered specifically to maximize print results with third ink form roller design
    • Large capacity ink fountains
    • Ink form rollers swing out for easy plate-up access on both sides of the press
  • High-strength cast iron frames for outstanding stability and endurance
  • Full bearer press design for enhanced dot reproduction and the ability to print fine screen work
  • Bearing-in-a-bearing technology offers full cylinder support at high press speeds when using conventional narrow gapped blanket technology
  • Ability to run 3-across formats up to 40" web widths

Highly Automated Controls

  • State-of-the-art drives and controls provide optimum efficiency with minimal waste
  • Footprint shaftless drive system with integrated logistics for all auxiliary equipment

Innovative Design

  • Drive side oil lubrication
  • Plate cylinder design provides increased rigidity for outstanding print and registration control
  • Quick “no tool” plate change design encourages versatility of products

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