Tensor T400 towers with AR70 Pasters


Cut-Off:  560 mm       Maximum Web Width:  800 mm         Maximum Press Speed:  40,000 iph




T-400 StackedTensor’s T-400 single width, 1-around press unit is engineered for high-reliability and long service life. The modular design of the units allows adaptation to changing customer demands.

Tensor’s unique “bearing-in-a-bearing” eccentric design provides optimum dynamic support of the blanket cylinders, which reduces print disturbance.  This feature also provides unsurpassed durability in the critical frame bore area, thus providing a very long service life of the equipment. The T-400 is equipped with a full helical gear train. 

newspaperOne (1) Tensor T-400 Series 4-High Towers (manufactured 2004 including:

  • Eight roller continuous feed undershot inking systems geared to press speed
  • #10 and #13 side sidelay adjustment mechanisms for plate cylinders:
    adjustment +1/8" (+3.3mm)
  • #10 side running circumferential register mechanism for plate cylinder:
    adjustable to +1/16" (+1.6mm)
  • Full helical gear train
  • Stainless steel clad cylinders
  • Blanket cylinder eccentrics housed in a Timken bearing arrangement to reduce side frame wear and cylinder bounce
  • Slit style plate lock-ups
  • Ultra-narrow gap 1/16" slit plate cylinders
  • Motorized sidelay adjustments
  • Motorized running circumferential register
  • Motorized unit to unit phasers
  • Cut-off register controlled by the drive motor
  • Reel type blanket cylinder lockups
  • Spray dampening system
  • EPG Remote inking system
  • Segmented ink fountain blades
  • Swing down cast iron ink fountains for rapid, easy color clean up
  • Nylon covered micrometric and ink oscillator rollers
  • Set of spiral bevel ring and pinion gears for better mesh, longer life, quieter and smoother running at high speeds
  • Pneumatic throw-off for the ink feed, ink form, water form, and impression
  • Form roller throw-off bars:  located on the outside of the rollers, eliminating ink build up on the inside of the rollers
  • Centralized grease lubrication system operator and drive side
  • Drive side oil bath gear housing with self-contained mechanical pump
  • Plexiglas drive side doors for easy daily inspection
  • Electrically interlocked safety guards
  • Four-sided platforming

Reelstands: Three (3) Pasters Manufactured 2004

PastersThree (3) Amal model AR70A 400-1020/1270 Automatic Flying Pasters, including:

  • Max web width 1020mm
  • Max splice speed 400m/min
  • Max roll diameter 1270mm
  • Max roll weight 850 kg
  • Constant web tension by dancing roller
  • Turret reel arm for two full rolls at 1270 mm diameter
  • Pneumatic brakes, governed by a dancer roller via a PLC
  • Core acceleration
  • Floor pick-up – no hoist required
  • Remote controlled sidelay and web tension
  • Two Amal shafts per machine
  • Remote controls through press control system
  • Fixed safety cage at the back of paster
  • Safety package for installation without a floor pit
  • Special cabinet for narrow spacing
  • Integrated web ups (one for each paster)
  • Openable safety guard with safety switch


Drive System (Shaftless)

The press is driven by a footprint shaftless drive system.

Drives and Motors:

Drive MotorsEach tower has its own drive and control cabinet, with the following equipment and functions:

  • DC drive, with filter, choke and main breaker
  • 80 HP Motor, including encoders, fan radiator
  • Distributed PLC logic and remote I/O
  • E-stop and interlock logics according to category three safety regulations
  • Inch, inch reverse, crawl and autostart sequencing
  • Synchronization software for fast synchronization of footprint tower during start-up
  • Pneumatic throw offs
  • Turnbar blower controls
  • Signal interface to splicers
  • Synchronization sensors


Spray dampeningOne (1) SprayMatic Spray Dampening System including:

  • (64) Spray bars with overspray shutters
  • (4) Nozzles per bar
  • The workstations with flat screen
  • Tank system for dampening and cleaning solutions


    EPG Remote Inking System including:

    • (32) Ink fountains
    • (20) Ink keys per fountain

    Ink Control






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